Searchinmedia .com is an inter-related information web site for all people of world. This media web site is especially designed not only for giving newly updated news but also other useful and fruitful information. With this basic stone, the searchin media web site was formed during the rainy month of August 2015. The coined word “Search in” refers service oriented, effective, accurate, reliable, creative, heedful and info innovative network. The searchin media web site covers authentic information about current news, uttara kannada and its tourism places, educational centers, wonders of country side viewpoints in uttara kannada, Resorting areas, national and international hotels, recognized schools & colleges and other trusted details. Apart from above recreational information, the searchin media is started foe providing value based platform through student’s corner, citizen’s corner, articles, columns etc. were they can express their views and opinions about contemporary socio-political, religious and economic changes.

Vision & Mission: Providing bountiful and realistic information through value based search in media web