img_20151230_153138-1Green idyllic setting, endless chirping sound, birth place of hilly forest cradle of culture etc are always attracting in Gerusoppa and it’s surroundings. One of the most eye catching pilgrimage places in this land is shri bellimakii temple. It is just 30km journey from Hannover to Gerusoppa. when you step into the place, you feel that Bellimakii has its own holy blessings because the place has god Panchamukki Mukyaprana(God Humuman who has five incarnated faces) temple. Interesting Bellimakki temple has been turning out as the most favorite haunt for countless travelers.
The spiritual temple has strong showers of epic story. According to the legendary description “once Rama, Seete and Laxmana walked on this land during their exile periods And it was an ordinance from Lord Rama to his true devotee God Humuman to protect the land for countless years so bellimakki is blessed with Lord Rama. this story motivated many resourceful persons to discover historical evidences
Historical background of the temple
If we turn the pages of gerusoppa history we can get ample description about bellimakii and it’s temple. Evidently there are other source which elaborate the place as the one of the best spiritual centers in gerusoppa region . There were many travelers who visited bellimakii and wrote their real experience on palmyire leaf. These palmy ire were collected by a resource person shri Prabhakar Hegde Hygunda and translated into Kannada. He the translated history to the main priest of the temple shri vedmurthi nagesh venkappa bhat. According to the their travel experience bellimakii had mysterious story one among them was that once a group of travellers lost their way and able find hannover port. but these men travelled across the river sharavati And accidentally found artistic small hut protected by hill-fort called GIRI KOTE. Later this was known as GOVARDANA NAGARA.

Origin of bellimakki name
the written manuscript on palmyire leaf.According states that travellers from Rome and Portugal who noticed in the small hut of GIRI KOTE where the statue of Lord hanuman was holding a silver sword (BELLI)and there was continuous band sound by men. Apart from this, they saw vast forests land popularly known as MAKKI. In this way the place named as Bellimakii.

Mellifluous reconstruction of the temple:
On auspicious day 27-02-1992 the newly built temple of shri kshetra bellimakii panchamukki mukyaprana was opened for all devotees with holy rituals under the guidance ship Of shri Katte parameshwara bhat. Later shri ragaveshwara swamiji, ramachandrapura mata hosanagar suggested to organise every year car festival as BRAHMA RATOSTAV.the first car festival was started in 1998. Intact the most popular car festival in gerusoppa is bellimakii festival

For smoth functioning of the temple, they created board administration where late shri prasanna nadakarni was the first president and currently shri Navenby prasanna nadakarni as the president of the temple.
Every year the temple organises various religious program for the welfare of the people. Atirudra mahayaga and brahma kalasa laying ceremony were noticeable. Every day a group of priests are performing various kind rituals at the temple and these were witnessed by thousands of people.